Fresh Dub

16Bit—Swine Flu

I needed something heavy, reached into the Songza playlists and this bad boy popped out first. Deaf. TFGIF

Zedd—Spectrum (Extended Mix)

Sex. In your ears…sex. 

SKisM—Like This ft. Virus Syndicate 

Something to get you over that 3:30 feeling. Similar styling to a Skrillex or Feed Me x Foreign Beggars track.

Dodge and Fuski—Fierce 

Flight of the Conchords was one of my all time favorite shows until HBO got bored and dropped them. Heard a little diddy in this track this morning and new I had to share it. Great build, intense talk and wobble in the middle with minimal growl. Good let down too. Would like to mix this live some day!

Kanye West - Lost In The World feat. Bon Iver (Tiësto Remix)

I have no words to describe how amazing this is. No it’s not dub, no it’s not rap, it’s pure pleasure to your ears. Hard bass surges, new synths and vocal gains, a wait well worth it if you ask me. I want more out of this duo, so much more.

Bare & Datsik—King Kong

This video is AMAZING. I laughed, I cried, my ears bled, an all around banger. 

Bassnectar—Cozza Frenzy

It’s a freaking beautiful day here in Boston, and I get to look out into the bay all day from my desk. Torture and pleasant at the same time, harsh duality. Cozza Frenzy came on as I crossed the channel to my office and it got me fired up for a great day. GET SOME.

Noisia—Shellshock (feat. Foreign Beggars)

Morning motivation provided by Foreign and Noisia. Video is just as insane as the track.

Skrillex & Damian “Jr Gong” Marley - “Make It Bun Dem”

Ok, I just broke my promise to myself “No Skrillex on this blog”…but this is perhaps one of the only recent songs by the monster that I can stand, and appreciate. I really have never been into reggae, traditional or dub-infused…but this I can get down with. #BringTheFunk

DJ Fresh—Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix)

If you live in or have lived in Boston you must be familiar with Marathon Monday. If you don’t live in this fair city, then it’s quite simple; Marathon Monday is obviously the date that the Marathon takes place, but it doubles as a pseudo drinking holiday due to complete city shutdown and the inability to reach offices/college campuses. It truly is like Gold Dust to cure your Spring Fever.